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North Coast Journal
November 10, 2005

"Rain Gear"

By Amy Stewart

"Winter is on the way, and all I care about this time of year are boots and gloves.

For long days of hardcore gardening, nothing's better than a pair of Sloggers boots or (other) boots, both of which are available in nurseries and feed stores around town. Both come in a half-calf length. They're incredibly warm and waterproof, they hug your legs to keep grime and water out and they're comfortable enough to wear for a walk in the woods or on the beach in winter. They're expensive -- 50 to 80 bucks would buy you a lot of daffodil bulbs -- but mine are well on their way to lasting a decade.

A friend in Oregon once told me that the trick to gardening in the Pacific Northwest is to ignore the rain. Don't wait for it to stop, or you'll never get anything done. Just throw on your rain gear and get outside. As I write this, the rain is pounding so hard on my roof that I can hardly hear myself think. My boots and gloves may be up to the task, but I'm not. The garden will be just fine without me until the rain stops. Until Atlas or Sloggers comes up with a full body suit, I'm staying inside."

Read more of Amy's funny column about gardening in the rain, more>

Featured product: Sloggers AWB - The All Weather Boot


Chicago Sun-Times
May 15, 2005 

"New Crop of Garden Gear"

By Mary Cameron Frey
Sun-Times Columnist

Sloggers, the makers of garden clogs and boots, is rolling out a new line of clothing to wear in the garden that are comfortable, stylish and practical. Among the items offered are gardening pants and vests, aprons, smocks and new hats that offer sun protection with a UPF 50 plus rating, which blocks 98 percent of the sun's rays.

Featured product: Sloggerwear Wide Brim Hat

OC Gardener

OC Gardener
April 20, 2005 

"Hats Off to Sloggers Wide Brim Hat"

Sloggerwear garden hats have been independently tested and rated as providing the highest level of sun protection possible - UPF50+, that’s blocking more than 90% of harmful UVA and UVB damaging rays! This hat has a “one size fits most” unisex design, and is perfect for working in the garden – and it looks great!

Featured product: Sloggerwear Wide Brim Hat


Philadelphia Inquirer
December 17, 2004

"My Backyard - Gifts for the Gardener"

By Denise Cowie
Inquirer Staff Writer

Sloggers clogs. Get ready for a colorful spring in new hues. Sloggers Garden Outfitters has introduced new colors in both its Classic Clogs (the simple ones you can hose off) and its Premium Clogs (which have a brushed lining and moisture-absorbing insole). Classic colors include blueberry, cantaloupe and lime; Premium shades include soft blue, sage green and dusty rose. At Primex, 435 W. Glenside Ave., Glenside (, or at

Featured product: Sloggers Classic Clogs - Spring Colors


San Jose Mercury News
December 12, 2004

"Look What We Dug Up: Items Sure to Delight Anyone on Your Shopping List"

By Holly Hayes
Mercury News

"You probably wouldn't think that a big ol' bag of compost would delight anyone on your gift list. But if you're shopping for a gardener, think again. Those of us who lavish attention on our landscapes are delighted by all sorts of non-traditional presents.

Oh, we love the traditional stuff, too. A great pair of garden gloves. A gift certificate to our favorite nursery. Garden clogs that are as fun as they are practical.

We've pulled together a few ideas to get you started. Waterproof garden clogs are carried by most nurseries and garden centers, and they make neat stocking stuffers. The popular Sloggers brand recently introduced some new colors in its standard clog ($19.99), including Raspberry, Blueberry, Cantaloupe and Lime. Can't find these locally? Check out

Featured product: Sloggers Classic Clogs - Spring Colors


The Star Ledger
July 8, 2004

"Fashion in the Garden"

"When we head for the garden, are we thinking of fashion? Generally, no -- we're thinking of staying cool and comfortable. Most of us gardeners fall into the tee-shirt and denim category, and there's nothing wrong with that. But check out some of the latest apparel and you may discover you can upgrade your gardening wardrobe with just a few judicious finds. All the pretty needn't be in the garden. Some of the good-looks could be yours.

SHORT STRAW - This small brim straw hat is cute and compact. Flattering style makes it a versatile summer accessory; $19 from Sloggers Garden Outfitters."

Featured product: Sloggerwear Gardening Hats



Better Homes & Gardens
April 2004

"Indoors Out"

"Bring the style of interior rooms to your outdoor spaces. The cheerful Sloggers Garden Outfitters looks good enough for kitchen wear but is made to brighten garden tasks. Order on-line at or call 877/750-4437."

Featured product: Sloggerwear Premium Apron



Hartford Courant
March 25, 2004

"Garden Wear that Mixes Fashion and Function"

Special to the Courant

"Spring is finally here, which means it's time to start dishing the dirt - literally. But before you throw on your old clothes and head out to get growing, there's something you should know. Fashionable gardeners have traded ratty sweatshirts and stained gloves for stylish "garden attire."

Visit the Sloggers Garden Outfitters website (, for example, and you'll see a full line of active wear, accessories and footwear designed exclusively with the garden in mind. Featuring such items as pants with interior kneepad pockets, multipocketed vests, sun hats and waterproof clogs in a range of spring pastels, Sloggers' apparel is designed to go from the backyard to town without a change.

Though much of the Sloggers' line is designed for women, male yardsmiths can choose from unisex pants and vests in olive or khaki, and garden clogs in olive or black."

Featured product: Just about everything!


Gardening Life
March/April 2004

"Booting Up"
Hot Stuff, Green Talk page 16

"Muddy chores to tackle? Sloggers Garden Outfitters will have you singin' in the rain (and muck) with its completely waterproof ALL-WEATHER BOOTS. Rubber exteriors, neoprene lining and luxuriously padded soles keep feet warm and dry. Their tops roll down for ventilation when needed, looking hip to boot!"

Featured product: Sloggers A.W.B.


Country Living Gardener
Spring 2004

"Rain Dance"
Fresh finds, page 10

"Cushion your feet in Sloggers waterproof sherbet-colored garden clogs ($20, shown in raspberry)."

Featured product: Sloggers Classic Clogs - Spring Colors


The Plain Dealer (Cleveland, OH)
March 4, 2004

"Company Unveils Clothing Line"
Get Growing by Suzanne Hively

"Sloggerwear, a manufacturer of gardening shoes, has expanded its line to include women's garden clothing and hats. Vests and pants, made of cotton twill, feature many pockets appropriate for gardening gear. Vests are about $50 and pants about $55. Straw hats and Vietnamese farmer hats ward off dangerous sun rays. Hats range from $17 to $20. Sloggers clogs and boots are available for men and women in prices ranging from $18 to $55. Kneepads, totes and more are also available. Order online at or call 1-877-750-4437."

Featured products: Sloggerwear Gardening Apparel


Anchorage Daily News (AK)
December 5, 2003

"When Rooting Around for Christmas Ideas, Think Gardening Shoes"

"Let's start with the garden shoes sold by Sloggers. (They offer) several shoes in men's and women's sizes. Prices range from $20 to $40 depending on style but all are comfortable, waterproof clog-like shoes made from soft, flexible material suitable for walking and gardening. Folks who got to try them at the garden writers convention loved them."

Featured product: Sloggers Premium Clog



Nursery Retailer
December 2003

"Sloggers Head to Toe"
"Best-known for Sloggers garden clogs, Principle Plastics, the company which produces Sloggers, has taken a step into the garden apparel sector and has received rave reviews at industry trade shows for its new line - Sloggerwear."


Gardening How-To
November 2003

"Gifts for the Gardener"
"Well Vested - You can take it with you when wearing this garden vest with plenty of pockets to store seed packets and small tools. 100% cotton. S, M, L, XL, Olive (shown) or Stone. $49.99 Sloggers."

Featured product: Sloggerwear Gardener's Vest


The Patriot News (PA)
October 30, 2003

"Slogging through new stuff"

It's time... to see how this year's crop of new gardening products fared under semi rigorous real life conditions (also known as my backyard). Here are the results, with 'Two Green Thumbs Up' being the top rating and 'Two Green Thumbs Down' being the worst:

What a great year it was to test this new line of waterproof gardening shoes and boots.
I slogged around in rubber Sloggers boots most of the season, and they were so effective and comfortable that I'll never return to soggy sneakers.
The rubber in this footwear is firm enough to hold its shape like leather, but soft and pliable enough that it doesn't feel like you're wearing recycled tires.
Two other things I liked - the ankle-height boot version that I tested was surprisingly easy to put on and take-off, and a quick hosing got rid of all traces of mud.
Sloggers come in several sizes (men's and women's) and sold at garden centers or online through

Two Green Thumbs Up
(My favorite new product of 2003)

Featured product: Sloggers A.W.B.
September 2003

"Sloggers Waterproof Overshoes"

"Guide Rating - 4 out of 5 stars

Pros • Fit over your favorite walking or running shoes. • Waterproof and provides traction in rain and snow. • Easy to take along for emergency use.
Cons • None

The Bottom Line - For rain and snow, you don't need to change shoes, just put Sloggers on over your usual pair of walking or running shoes. Keeps your feet warm and dry."

Featured product: Slogger Overshoes



Everett Herald (WA)
August 2003

"Gardening Goodies"
"Dress for garden success: The well-appointed gardener might consider donning a vest this fall. Try on the utility vest from Sloggers, the company known for those colorful, all-weather garden clogs. Available in colors stone and olive, the comfortable vest has multiple pockets and elasticized pouches - perfect for carrying your garden items or simply strolling around the neighborhood"

Featured product: Sloggerwear Gardener's Vest



December 2002

"Garden Shoes"
"Every gardener needs waterproof shoes. Two types are available: clogs (open-heeled) and slip-ons. Shoes come in men's and women's sizes unless noted. Best for quick trips outdoors, not for heavy yard work. Can be hosed off after removing insoles, which are washable.

* Premium Garden Clog, from Sloggers. Flexible material with 1/4-inch-thick cushioned insole."

Featured product: Sloggers Premium Clog



May 2001

"Garden Gear"

Featured product: Sloggers Premium Clog

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